Salud y Paz is a mission founded in 2001 to serve the people in the highlands of central Guatemala.  It began as a dental clinic and quickly expanded to include primary medical care and surgery.  More recently, in 2009, the mission expanded to include a preschool and first grade.  Today our diverse staff of Guatemalans and internationals operate three clinics and the Susanna Wesley School and serve over 12,000 patients annually and 50 students.  

There are a number of ways to join Salud y Paz in our mission to promote health, healing and education with the people of Guatemala.  A gift to our annual fund will go toward daily operations:  medications, physicians, teachers, healthy meals for our students, curriculum, technology, laboratory equipment, dental supplies, and a whole lot more.  We invite you to consider making Salud y Paz a monthly recipient of your support by choosing the recurring donation option.  Set up is quick and easy.  We can't make a difference in peoples' lives without your help.  Give today and share with your friends!  We thank you!  

For $15 Project Salud y Paz can:

* Provide a well child check, vitamins and dental cleaning for one child
* Provide a healthy meal and snack a day for a student at Colegio Susanna Wesley for a month
* Manage one adult’s diabetes for a month – glucose monitoring, medical consult, medication
* Train one health promoter in strategies for disease prevention to improve health information in rural communities
* Provide access to specialty care not offered in our region, through our patient assistance fund, for three patients
* Provide one month of after school reading enrichment for second graders
* Offer a continuing education opportunity to public school teachers in Camanchaj
* Provide needed medication for five patients in our most remote clinic in Cunen
* Purchase supplies for one class’s art projects for the month at Colegio Susanna Wesley
* Help provide a scholarship for part of our medical staff to continue their education
* Take five children from Colegio Susanna Wesley, many whom have never been further than a half hour away, on a field trip.

There are over 75,000 children under the age of 15 in the municipality of Santo Tomas Chichicastenango, the county where our main clinic is located in Camanchaj. They make up nearly 50% of the population and suffer from inadequate education and access to government healthcare. Because of its remote location and other factors, 83% of households live in poverty while 20% of those are in severe poverty.[1] The employees, volunteers and board of directors of Salud y Paz dream of a day when every child is able to attend school and none die from preventable illnesses linked to their lack of financial resources. We work every day to change this reality for our neighbors. Will you help us by contributing to our Annual Fund?



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